Natural Gas and Electricity News

April 9, 2019

Fortunately it’s easy to determine who your natural gas and electricity supplier should be. Naturally you still are billed for gas by Dominion and electricity by The Illuminating Company. The recommended supplier for each is NOPEC/NextEra Energy. That name should appear on the left side of your gas bill and the lower right side of your electric bill. If you don’t see NOPEC/NextEra call the Brecksville Human Services Center
at 526-2499 because you’re probably paying too much.
It is OK if your gas bill has the words, “Standard Service Offer (SSO)” or “Standard Choice Offer (SCO).” However, if you see “Monthly Variable Rate (MVR)” that not good Keem-O-Sabe. Call 526-2499 right away if you do.
It’s recommended that you have NOPEC’s variable rate for gas. The variable rate on your March Dominion bill should be no higher $3.02, your April bill should be no more than $2.92 and your May bill, $2.93.
Although we’re heading out of the high usage winter period it’s still important to pay attention to what rate you’re paying. Someone just called recently whose rate is $5.72!!!! compared to NOPEC’s $3.00 per mcf.
Whereas we always recommend a variable rate for gas, right now our suggestion is a fixed rate for electricity. That’s because for four of the summer months electricity rates typically go up. NOPEC has a 2-year fixed rate of 5.42 cents (.0542).
Granted, variable rates are lower than that in the winter but it’s more important to have a lower rate in the summer during air conditioning season. The NOPEC deal has a $25 early termination fee but only if you were to switch to someone other than NOPEC.
Also, if your electricity rate is 6.33 cents per kwh you have the program rate which you don’t want. We suggest that if you have 6.33 cents call NOPEC and switch to the 5.42 cents fixed rate.
NOPEC’s number is toll free 1-855-667-3201.
As always if you have any questions call Human Services at 526-2499.

As usual this column is solely the opinion of Ted Lux and not necessarily that of the Mayor or City Council.
The opinions expressed in this advisory are solely those of Ted Lux and are not endorsed by the Mayor or City Council of the City of Brecksville.