Animal Control - Coyotes


Brecksville Service Department
440-526-1384 Monday-Friday
7:30 am – 4:00 pm. You can leave a message after hours.
If there is an urgent after hours matter contact
the Police non-emergency number at 440-526-8900.
If there is an emergency always Dial 911.


The coyote is a dog like mammal that can weigh 30 to 70 pounds. They are muscular and lean with a slinky gait. The tail is bushy. Colors can range from light beige to black. They are a very intelligent canine and are known for their caginess and are considered to be one of the most versatile animals in the U.S. The coyote population has increased immensely all across the United States creating more situations where they are interacting with humans. As you probably know we have a significant coyote population in Brecksville. Often times you can hear them howling at night. Coyotes benefit us by keeping the squirrel, mole and rabbit population down. They are also known to eat other rodents as well as deer and Canadian Geese. Therefore they also pose a danger to outdoor cats and small dogs.

Coyotes have proven to be adaptable living both in the parks and urban areas. They are opportunistic scavengers. They eat carcasses of deer and feast on apples, berries and bird seed. As mentioned before cats can become a meal as can a small dog or groundhog if the opportunity arises. Usually a nocturnal animal, coyotes do adapt to urban life. There are many sightings during the day. As with any city wildlife they can lose their fear of humans. Feeding any wildlife inadvertently encourages coyotes because you are feeding their prey.

Coyotes change their location frequently but tend to have their young in the same location every spring. Dens are usually in thick brush or in a hole on the side of a ravine. While coyotes pose little danger for humans they would aggressively protect their with young in it.