Animal Control - Dogs


Brecksville Service Department
440-526-1384 Monday-Friday
7:30 am – 4:00 pm. You can leave a message after hours.
If there is an urgent after hours matter contact
the Police non-emergency number at 440-526-8900.
If there is an emergency always Dial 911.


Prevention: First and foremost have identification on your dog. It is required by law that your dog be vaccinated for rabies. Your veterinarian will provide a numbered tag that will identify your vet and your dog. Also required is a license for your dog. This also can be an identification-a free call home for your dog. A tag with your phone and address Lease your dog especially if he is easily distracted. Frequently check fencing or batteries for electronic fencing.

Obedience training solves many problems. It can be practical and makes for happier dog owners and happier dogs.

If you find your dog missing: Call the police non-emergency number 440-526-8900. Give the name and description of the dog and the area where you think he was lost. Also, your phone number.

Contact the webmaster if you are a Brecksville resident to have your animals picture posted on our website. Call all surrounding suburbs-North Royalton, Independence, Broadview Hts. and leave a message with their animal control.

Call the Cuyahoga County Kennel in Valleyview, the Summit County Animal Shelter and the Geauga County Kennel.

If you are in the park or a rural area leave your car where you parked. A dog very often comes back to the familiar.

Signs posted on bulletin boards in the local stores can be helpful.

Pet finder on the internet is also helpful.