Animal Control - Skunks


Brecksville Service Department
440-526-1384 Monday-Friday
7:30 am – 4:00 pm. You can leave a message after hours.
If there is an urgent after hours matter contact
the Police non-emergency number at 440-526-8900.
If there is an emergency always Dial 911.


In February and March skunks are breeding. May and June the babies will be venturing out of the den. A litter can be as small as 2 or as large as 10. Skunks are not aggressive. They have poor eyesight and may unintentionally walk toward you. As soon as they know you are present they stop, retreat or if frightened, spray. The skunk spray is an oil that adheres to whatever it hits. This is the defense system that skunks use to halt a dog, raccoon or person. Loud startling noises (a scream) can also cause a skunk to spray. Skunks are omnivorous but seem to especially like hickory, fish and bird seed. Skunks do not hibernate but when it is extremely cold they will not venture out of their den. Skunks tend to live in or under woodpiles, under decks or sheds, or in an abandoned groundhog hole.

If you have concerns or problems with skunks call the Animal Warden at 440-526-8900.


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