Survey Results


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Mayor Jerry Hruby

Andrew Van Nort, Chairman

Ray Andrews

Barbra Belovich

Michael Benza

John Bibbo

Neil Brennan

Meredith Gunzler

Laura Hudak

Judy Jackman

Gretchen Corp Jones

Holly Little

Hrishue Mahalaha

Jen McMillin

Paul Meler

Mike Paskert

Sue Schindler

John Syroney

Dan Spitzer,

Maggie Stumpfl

Frank Talerico

Nancy Woelfl

Michael Young

Valor Acres and Central School Resident Recommendation Committee

A resident recommendation committee was formed by Mayor Hruby to give recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council concerning the developments of both Central School and Valor Acres. All meetings are public and will be held at City Hall. 

Resident Recommendation Survey Results

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