Brecksville Tax Department


Brecksville City Tax Administrator
Jim Neusser 440-526-4351

Effective January 1, 2015

(A) The City Income Tax Rate for a Brecksville Resident over 18 years of age is 2%.

(B) That tax is collected by the Regional Income Tax Agency, (R.I.T.A.) owned by Brecksville and 245 other municipalities in Ohio.

(C) RITA is a public agency, that operates under state rules and regulations, mandating strict privacy for handling tax forms and information.

(D) Wages, Salaries, Commissions, Tips, Fees, Sub Pay, Bonuses, Incentive Payments, Serverance Pay, Wage Continuation Plans, Gambling and Lottery Winnings of $5,000.00 or more and Early Retirement Payments are subject to the 2% tax. Dividends, Interest, Capital Gains, Unemployment Insurance Benefits, Alimony, Retirement and Active Military Income is not Taxable. (Employee Contributions to Retirement and Income Deferral Plans are not excludable.)

(E) If you work in Brecksville, your employer is required to withhold the 2%. Remit it to RITA, where it is accounted and paid to Brecksville.

(F) If you are self- employed in Brecksville, the wages and or net profit distribution of that enterprise is taxable a the 2% rate. (A net profit form is required)

(G) If you work for wages a final form must be filed by April 15 after the close of the tax year. This is required by City Ordinance.

What is Tax Credit?
(A) Brecksville allows 87.5% tax credit, up to 2% of taxes paid in another taxing city, towards Brecksville’s own 2% residence City Tax.

(B) The 87.5% credit protects a Brecksville resident taxpayer from paying 2% where they work and a full 2% where they live ( If you make $40,000.00 in a non Brecksville municipality and pay a 2% Income Tax of $800.00, Brecksville allows 87.5% of that $800.00, or $700.00 towards Brecksville’s own 2% Residence City Income Tax. The net is you owe $100.00 to Brecksville, payable thru RITA, described above.

(C) If you pay less than 2% in a taxing city other than Brecksville, the difference is reported to RITA and payable on quarterly billings.

(D) If you work in a township or a city that does not have city income taxes, then the full 2% Brecksville tax is due and payable to RITA.

(E) Quarterly billings are arranged on all mounts over $75.00.

(F) Amounts under $75.00 may be paid with the annual filing or billed after your short form filing is processed by RITA.

(G) You claim your tax credit by filing a final yearly individual RITA tax form that includes a city/state W-2 copy showing city wage and tax withheld