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Special Needs

Reaching out to Children with Special Medical Needs
The Brecksville Fire Department has launched a program to gather information on children in the community who have special medical needs. Mayor and Safety Director Daryl Kingston and Fire Chief Nick Zamiska jointly urged families of children who use medical care aids such as cardiac monitors, ventilation devices, feeding tubes or any other such device that helps sustain the life and health of a child, to contact the Fire Department.

The Department would like to obtain specific medical information about each child so that paramedics can be optimally prepared in the event that treatment and transport are required by the City’s rescue squad. Each child’s database would list the child’s potential medical needs, the type of medical equipment the child is using, the name of all attending physicians, medications, the preferred healthcare facility to which the child would be transported and any other pertinent information to ensure the best possible emergency medical treatment for our children.

All information is kept strictly confidential. The child’s and the family’s privacy is of utmost importance to the Department. The information is for the sole use of the Paramedics and EMTs so they can have a better understanding of the child’s needs prior to arriving in the event of an emergency.

Families are urged to contact Chief Nick Zamiska at Brecksville Fire Department, 526-2640, to discuss each child’s special needs and how the Department can be best prepared to help.