The Solid Waste District will be hosting an amnesty recycling event for small propane tanks at the facility October 24-28, 2022 during regular operating hours (8:30 AM-4:30 PM). Small propane tanks, including camp stove, lantern or torch tanks (usually 2# or less), will be accepted from residents of Cuyahoga County. Tanks from businesses, grill tanks, helium tanks, oxygen cylinders, welding tanks, refrigerant and other cylinders will not be accepted.

County residents can bring those small tanks during that time and ring our doorbell for assistance. Please feel free to let your residents know if they ask about how to dispose of those small tanks and/or advertise to your residents. At this time we can only accept from residents directly and are unable to accept tanks from cities.


4750 East 131 Street, Garfield Heights, OH 44105

Main: 216.443.3749