Brecksville Road Resurfacing (CUY SR 021 00.00-0.82)

**Posted September 13, 2023, Updated January 8, 2024**

Project Description
• The City of Brecksville with the partnership of ODOT District 12 continues in the development of plans toward the resurfacing of Brecksville Road from the southern corporation limit to the Miller Road intersection. This is the first of three projects that will resurface Brecksville Road from the south to the north corporation limits. Funding of the project will be provided through ODOT’s Urban Paving Program and the City of Brecksville. In addition to the roadway resurfacing the City of Brecksville has determined the need to install public sidewalks along the east side of Brecksville Road extending from the southern corporation limit to Miller Road.
• The Project will be constructed in a manner that will maintain two-way traffic at all times using various lanes of the pavement and shifting traffic based on the stages of construction. The plans are in the early stages of design and the City is working through the various lane shifts required to construct the project. The final detour routes will be posted with appropriate signage and traffic control devices throughout construction.
Anticipated Project Schedule

• Design Complete/Approved – March 2024
• Project Award – May 2024
• Construction Start – June 2024
• Construction Complete – October 2024