Natural Gas and Electricity News

November 2, 2022

Natural Gas
Since last summer natural gas prices have actually been going down and now there is the most delightful news!!!!! NOPEC has lowered its current 2-year fixed rate offer from $7.75 to $6.36 with no early termination fee!!!!! Therefore grab your telephonic device post haste and call NOPEC at 855-667-3201 and ask to be put on that new fixed rate of $6.36. But, if you are not currently a NOPEC customer and the operators tell you that they can’t do that for you then tell them (and this is really important) that Brecksville is an “OPT IN” city. NOPEC is again proving its worth with this change. The NOPEC lines will be jammed and they will tell you how long you have to wait or to leave your phone number to be called back the next day. If you’re an insomniac their very nice operators are there 24/7. Naturally if your gas rate is less than $6.36 you should not do this.
Also, be alert, at the time of this writing two, for profit gas and electric companies have been going door to door. Typically their deals are waaay too much. NEVER, NEVER sign up with them without first calling 440-526-2606. They say that they will lower your bills but that is probably far from the truth. In person, telephone and mail solicitations are rarely good rates. And don’t show them your bills!
Brecksville has been helping you choose the best electricity and natural gas rates for more than 20 years. But, there has never been anything close to what we’ve experienced over the last several months with the NOPEC electricity situation.
First, NOPEC took a lot of a heat from people who went crazy over the 12 cent “standard program price.” What people didn’t realize is that the for profit companies on the PUCO’s Apple to Apples electricity chart had 31 “offers” higher than NOPEC’s 12 cents!!! NOPEC voluntarily moved everyone with the 12 cent rate to the Illuminating Company’s “PRICE TO COMPARE” which is on the upper left side of your electric bill. Right now it is less than 6 cents per kilowatt hour. Therefore, NOPEC’s move gave you 12 cent customers a 50% discount!!!! Rumors abounded during this period. Some folks even believed NOPEC went out of business and/or moved all their electricity customers to the Illuminating Company. NOT TRUE! Customers who chose NOPEC’s VARIABLE rate are still with NOPEC paying the lowest electricity rate out there.
However, their variable rate has been closed for some time so you can’t ask for it.
So therefore, if you are paying more than 6 cents per kilowatt hour you’re paying too much. If you like your electricity to be generated by wind, solar, etc., NOPEC’s “green,” 2 year fixed rate is 9.32 cents a kilowatt hour. But remember, the electricity coming into your home is NOT 100% green/renewable.
One final note, MANY of you have called 440-526-2606 for help in sorting all this out. If you call, PLEASE have your most recent gas and electric bills handy. It will save a lot of time. Can’t help you without them. If you receive your bills on line, download them first before calling.

Finally, when in doubt, always call Ted with questions. 440-526-2606.
The opinions expressed are those of Ted Lux and do not necessarily reflect those of Mayor Hruby or City Council.