Natural Gas and Electricity News

February 15

When you shop for either gas or electricity there are three considerations, the rate, the length of the contract and no early termination fee. There are many attractive offers on both the gas and electricity Apples to Apples charts with less than two-year deals. The price may look good but a year or less goes by in a flash and then rates may be higher when you have to shop again. But if you have a two-year deal with no early termination fee and rates go down you’re free to get the lower rate.
Natural gas prices continue to go down. In fact, NOPEC’s monthly variable rate is now $2.86 and it looks like it will continue to go down. The difference between the variable rate and the fixed rate is enough to warrant switching to variable. Call NOPEC at 855-667-3201 and ask for the variable rate. And do that ASAP. The longer you wait the longer it may take for the lower rate to go into effect. It does not take effect immediately.
You definitely want a fixed rate for electricity since the Illuminating Company’s variable PRICE TO COMPARE (on the upper left side of your bill) is close to 10 cents per kilowatt hour right now. NOPEC’s fixed rate is .065 cents for two years with no early termination fee. If you want electricity with “renewable content” (“green,”) it’s .0692 fixed per kWh.
NOPEC’s number is 855-667-3201 and the operators are the best!
People ask why I “push” NOPEC so much. Simple, no strings and competitive rates. The lowest rate is not always better. Here’s another reason. Every year Brecksville receives a “NOPEC Energized Community Grant.” This year it’s $44,652 to be used for an energy efficiency project. NOPEC also is granting Brecksville $2,000 for a Community Event Sponsorship Program. And NO! that money does not come out of your pocket!

Finally, when in doubt, always call Ted with questions. 440-526-2606.
The opinions expressed are those of Ted Lux and do not necessarily reflect those of Mayor Kingston or City Council.