Natural Gas and Electricity News

Sept. 19, 2023

If you were a fan of the old cowboys and indians movies you may recall that when the cowboys were expecting an attack by the indians they would say, “It’s quiet, yeah, too quiet.” And then all hell would break loose as the indians came charging out of the hills.
That’s kinda like it’s been for months with gas and electricity rates. Gas rates have been lower and electricity rates stable. Higher rates could come charging out of the hills but right now there are no smoke signals indicating that.

Starting with NATURAL GAS, if you have a fixed rate with NOPEC of $3.43, $4.10 $4.25 or $5.10 they will expire between now and during the winter so you will have to do something. It is suggested to go with NOPEC’s new fixed rate of $4.49. Call NOPEC at 1-855-667-3201 and ask to be switched to $4.49. If you have $5.09, $5.25, 6.25 or $7.75 or anything else that’s higher than $4.49 also make the switch. The good news is that a year ago at this time the going rate was about $7.75.
Right now, variable rates are lower than fixed rates by more than a dollar. It’s up to you if you want to go fixed or variable. I don’t have a crystal ball on where rates are going except to say that the futures prices indicate that variable rates will peak this winter at about $3.85 versus NOPEC’s fixed rate of $4.49.
At this time of year, the for-profit companies come out of the woodwork trying to get you to switch to them. They can be attractive rates, perhaps lower than NOPEC but as I like to say, be careful, that can be what I call, “delayed bait and switch.” For example, a Brecksville resident had a nice rate with Santanna of $4.89 but at the end of the contract she received a letter saying her new rate would be fixed at $9.99. I have been criticized for promoting NOPEC instead of for-profit company lower rates that might be out there but this is a good example of why I do what I do. This fall you will get one or more mailers from the for-profit companies or a phone call or even someone coming to your door trying to sell you their electricity or natural gas plans. Be especially careful of people who come to your door. Do not yield to pressure tactics and sometime untruths. Do not sign up for any offer before contacting me at 440-526-2606.

ELECTRICITY: If you have NOPEC’s rate of 6.45 cents per kilowatt hour our suggestion is to call NOPEC at 1-855-667-3201 and switch to their 2-year fixed rate of 6.85 cents which runs for 2 years with no early termination fee. The 6.45 rate ends at the end of this year. Interestingly, The Illuminating Company’s “PRICE TO COMPARE” on the upper left side of the bill has been going down. It started at 12.4 cents and is now down to 9.6 cents through the end of this month.
Whenever you have gas or electric rate questions call Ted at 440-526-2606.

Finally, when in doubt, always call Ted with questions. 440-526-2606.
The opinions expressed are those of Ted Lux and do not necessarily reflect those of Mayor Hruby or City Council.