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Natural Gas and Electricity News

April 8, 2020

With the coronavirus making life extremely difficult it’s nice to be able to report some good news. Natural gas rates have been going down steadily. It’s been a long time since the rate was a dollar something instead of 2 or 3 dollars. And it’s easier than ever to determine who your natural gas and electricity supplier should be. Naturally you still are billed for gas by Dominion and electricity by The Illuminating Company. The recommended supplier for each is NOPEC/NextEra Energy. That name should appear on the left side of your gas bill and the lower right side of your electric bill. If you don’t see NOPEC/NextEra call NOPEC at 1-855-667-3201 and ask the friendly operators what you need to do to get with NOPEC. If you don’t have NOPEC/NextEra for gas you’re absolutely paying too much.
It is OK if your gas bill has the words, “Standard Service Offer (SSO)” or “Standard Choice Offer (SCO).” However, if you see “Monthly Variable Rate (MVR)” that’s major bad news. You’re paying an outlandish rate. If you get a postcard from Dominion Energy Ohio saying that you’ve been assigned to a company with an MVR rate put down your cup of coffee and call Dominion IMMEDIATELY at
1-800-362-7557 and tell them to make you an SCO customer!
It’s recommended that you have NOPEC’s variable rate for gas. The variable rate on your March Dominion bill should be no higher than $2.09, your April bill should be no more than $2.02 and your May bill, $1.78, the lowest rate in more than 20 years!!!
Electricity is in great shape as well. You should be paying no more than 5.12 cents per kilowatt hour. Many of you are paying less than that because variable rates are under 5 cents.
With warm weather here again you can expect people to come out from underneath their rocks coming to your door urging you to switch to their company for gas and electricity. Or there have been phone calls from people who say they will lower your rate and that you should get your bill. DONT DO THAT! IT’S HANG UP TIME! Historically their rates are higher than NOPEC, and sometimes significantly higher. Anyone selling door to door must have a solicitor’s permit issued by the Brecksville Police Department. Regardless, tell them to “Hit the Road”

Finally, when in doubt, always call Ted with questions. 440-526-2499.

The opinions expressed in this advisory are solely those of Ted Lux and are not endorsed by the Mayor or City Council of the City of Brecksville.