Natural Gas and Electricity News

January 10, 2022

This has been one of the craziest times for natural gas rates in memory.
It seems like this column needs to be rewritten every week!
In September rates took the high speed up elevator reaching almost an interim level of $7.00 per mcf at one point! But before that became etched in stone somebody hit the high speed down button.
Looking back, the rate went from $4.75 in October to $5.97 on November bills and $6.33 on December bills. However, January bills will show $5.57! But wait, there’s more! It now looks like February bills will be about $4.15!!
So what do you do with all this? Well it’s the good folks at NOPEC to the rescue. They have lowered the 12-Month Fixed Rate to $4.40 and the 24-Month Fixed Rate to $4.25! Now that’s more like it! Call NOPEC, if they’re your gas supplier, at 855-667-3201 and take your pick of the 12 or 24 month fixed rate. The beauty of NOPEC is that you can switch as often as you like with no Early Termination Fee. Plus, the operators are the nicest and best in the business. Do that real fast though, meaning before your next meter read date which is usually the date where it says “Date Prepared” on the upper left side of the bill. For example, if your “Date Prepared” on your December bill says December 8th then your meter read will probably be on or about the 8th of each month. No requested rate change happens until after your next meter reading. If you’re not with NOPEC and your rate is over $6.33 “you’re paying too much!” Call the company you’re with and tell them you want to cancel, IF you don’t have an early termination fee. BE SURE TO ASK! If you do, don’t cancel until your contract is up.
As usual, electricity is not a problem. If you have NOPEC you’re good.
Electric rates have been going up slowly but the sky is not falling. Remember, unless you live in a massive house or have an all-electric home you can’t save a lot or lose a lot. Right now we recommend NOPEC’s variable rate.
If you want “renewable/green electricity” NOPEC has a fixed rate of .0696 cents per kWh. But remember, having “green” doesn’t mean you’re getting 100% “clean” electricity coming into your house. Can’t be done. And ignore those mailers trying to sell you on that.
Till next time, keep your seat belts fastened.

Finally, when in doubt, always call Ted with questions. 440-526-2606.
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