Natural Gas and Electricity News

June 9, 2022

It has come to my attention that some people who have a NOPEC fixed rate for gas of less than $6.25 are calling NOPEC and switching to the higher $6.25 rate because of what I wrote below!!* DON’T DO THAT! IF YOU HAVE DONE THAT CALL NOPEC IMMEDIATELY AT 855-667-3201 AND ASK THEM TO REVERSE IT TO WHAT YOU HAD. YOURS TRULY FALSELY PRESUMED THAT FOLKS WITH A LOWER RATE WOULD NOT SWITCH TO A HIGHER RATE. THIS ADVICE WAS FOR PEOPLE WITH A RATE HIGHER THAN $6.25 OR A VARIABLE RATE.
*So if you have NOPEC for natural gas, which you should, the rate you want is NOPEC’s fixed rate of $6.25 for two years with no early termination fee, unless you already have a lower fixed rate. $6.25 was too high a couple months ago but now it’s a bargain.
And even then by the time you read this that might be gone.
For electricity rates it’s just downright crazy! Nobody, and I mean nobody, has a fixed rate worth grabbing. If you have NOPEC’s variable rate for electricity which is .0504 cents that will eventually get higher. There’s no good fixed rate alternative.

Finally, when in doubt, always call Ted with questions. 440-526-2606.
The opinions expressed are those of Ted Lux and do not necessarily reflect those of Mayor Hruby or City Council.