Governor DeWine's STAY AT HOME ORDER continues through May 1
Grocery Stores, Drug Stores, Gas Stations and other essential services remain open, please read the Order under Community News on this site
City Services Continue as Usual No Changes to Garbage and Recycling Pick up. (No Saturday Recycling)
Kid's Quarters at the Community Center is Closed!
Tennis Courts are closed behind City Hall for further notice.
Support Our Local Businesses who remain open! See List on COVID-19 page of this site!


Brecksville Police Department - Divisions


The Patrol Division is the backbone of the police department and performs the majority of the vital tasks necessary to help keep the City of Brecksville amongst the safest in the state. The Patrol Division is the most visible unit within the police department. The Patrol Division is responsible for general patrol, traffic enforcement and special patrols as needed. The Brecksville Police Department practices a proactive rather than reactive approach and aggressively patrols the City of Brecksville. Aggressive patrol results in lower crime rates, discovery of in-progress criminal activity and a higher rate of criminal offender apprehension. Aggressive patrol also keeps the Cities streets safe for the motoring public. The majority of citizen contacts with the police department occur through the patrol division. Good communication between the Patrol Division and the Community is needed to help keep the City safe. Ultimately the goal of the Patrol Division is to create and maintain as much as possible a safe and crime free environment for the community.
The Patrol Division consists of 18 patrolmen and 4 sergeants for a total of 22 officers. Patrol officers are available and on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Patrol Division utilizes 10 fully marked police cruisers and 2 police cruisers that are minimally marked. All patrol units are all wheel drive to ensure officers are able to patrol and respond to emergencies in inclement weather.