Governor DeWine's STAY AT HOME ORDER continues through May 1
Grocery Stores, Drug Stores, Gas Stations and other essential services remain open, please read the Order under Community News on this site
City Services Continue as Usual No Changes to Garbage and Recycling Pick up. (No Saturday Recycling)
Kid's Quarters at the Community Center is Closed!
Tennis Courts are closed behind City Hall for further notice.
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Brecksville Police Department

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Brecksville Police Department is to interact with the community in such a way as to provide the citizens of Brecksville a feeling of safety and security at all times, this shall be accomplished by performing any and all assigned duties to the best of our abilities and conducting ourselves as professional law enforcement officers at all times.


Core Values

Honor - It is an honor to wear the badge of the Brecksville Police Department. We will proudly fulfill our Oath of Office at all times.

Integrity - A Brecksville Law Enforcement Officer is held to the highest of standards. We must act with strong moral principles, fairness and honesty both on and off duty.

Community - It is important for a community to trust, respect ·and have confidence in their police department. The Brecksville Police Department will engage and interact with the community in such ways that build those feelings of trust, respect and confidence.

Service - The Brecksville Police Department and all Police Officers of this Department, will continuously strive to maintain and improve upon the high standards of law enforcement service· that was established by those officers who served before us.



Chief Message

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Incident Reports

Traffic Reports


House Watch Request Form


Solicitors Request Form


The Brecksville Police Department will do fingerprinting for Brecksville residents. Please call (440) 526-8900 to make an appointment.