Brecksville Service Department

M - F from 7:30 to 4:00

Joe Kickel, Service Director
Regarding Refuse Collection: 440-526-1384
To Schedule Pick up of appliances and scrap metal items: 440-526-1384

The Fall Leaf Collection

The Fall Leaf Collection symbol indicates fall leaf vacuuming. This begins in October. Please check the City Calendar for correct dates of when the program starts and ends.
Watch for children who may be playing in leaf piles near the street. Rake leaves to, but NOT onto the street, please!
Omit branches, twigs and other debris. Leaves should be no farther than 6 feet from the curb and may be piled in rows as high as possible for swift and efficient vacuuming. When snowplows are operating, leaf vacuum service is suspended. Leaves will not be accepted at the Service Department on Saturday. Daily scheduling is not possible.





Look for this symbol in your
Brecksville City Calendar for
leaf collection dates